Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Rules

I have been closing my eyes and wishing for some new rules in my service relationship

1. She tells me that i must earn an orgasm from now on and that i am are not allowed to cum unless she says so.
Then she asks, "do you understand"? and i say yes ma'am i understand.

2. Then She tells me that i can not cum unless i am with "G" or worshiping her.
Then she asks, "do you understand"? and i say yes ma'am i understand.

3. She tells me that i may earn the right to masturbate, but I can only cum that way while thinking of worshiping her.
Then she asks, "do you understand"? and i say yes ma'am i understand.

And the I say “thank you Mistress” and become even more deeply hers

Thursday, May 7, 2009


For something to quench that deep yearning that smolders in the creases bellow the belt. When you just feel like your missing something like a good sharp smack or the tug of your gaze directing you back to what you should be doing. That lost feeling when you are looking to be told what you should be thinking about. Your limbs feel empty like they will float away because they are not comfortably tied down to something and there isn't something soft and curvy in front of you to hold your attention. The sky seems empty without something round and robust blocking out the light. This monitor and keyboard a poor substitute for a firm female who will show the way to the gates of heaven she knows so well.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Art of Gracefully Loosing a Bet

One would think the object is to win the bet, right, but that really depends on the wager doesn't it? There are those that actually love to perform naughty little tasks that are a win win for everybody, and we don't need to much encouragement to do it. How do you think so many cute things wind up in such lovely compromising positions on the Internet. It's full of pics of naughty little naked'ies in the mall, at the airport and on vacation.

Personally I relish the thought of loosing a bet that I have to pay off on by doing something deliciously exciting. I love the humiliation of having to do something that I must because I have lost a wager. Giving up my right to say no and having to do it is a big turn on for me, especially if I lost my right in a wager.

Sometimes in “ games of chance I like to be given a choice between two or three things even though I have not come up with them. A blind wager where I will promise to do one and have given up my right to refuse.

Like some twisted game of truth or dare, I love gambling with my freedom, free will and some times dignity. I don't really understand about making odds and stuff like that. I have never been to good at it. Some say I'm cute, but not too bright, whatever. I just know what I like. I like making wagers with fun, imaginatively wicked people.

Some will miss the entire point of this writing. Others will not find it interesting, but some will find this a fascinating idea that they can't seem to forget. Those are the only ones I am writing to here. You know who you are. If I have to loose a bet gracefully I would rather it be doing something naughty while everybody is turned on. So if you happen to be feeling lucky, what do you want to bet we could have some fun?

Wanna play? I'll start. I'll bet you a kiss, HMmm, that there are almost 100 Starbucks in Seattle. Any takers?


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Submissive stripped to a smile

It's a bright sunny day, absolutely beautiful weather. Most people love going outdoors on a gorgeous day like today, but I prefer something a little more twisted. Gorgeous Saturday and Sunday afternoons I prefer to spend chained to the washer, dryer and ironing board. I love house chores and have enjoyed them erotically most of my adult life. As a young boy I hated having to stay in doors and do my chores for mother. To transcend this burden as I grew up I simply twisted it.

Some women see it as smart and just good fun to have very attractive submissive male with a penchant for cleaning, doing the wash and hated household chores. Especially when he is doing things like excitedly cleaning toilets wearing as little as is pleasing to her. This is of particular interest to those that don't have to actually do anything that they does not enjoy. There is a bit of management, I do need to be set on task and I will become a regular if we create something playful to us both, but I like to clean. I can do wash, I love to iron and I adore cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors.

When it is just for me I wear at least a butt plug and keep my little johnson in a condom to avoid any spotting problems. I have done both elaborate sissy play, diapers plastic pants, French maid service and other erotic variations. I have also been aproned and collared without much else. I only ask simple straight forward rules and expectations when working for others and I respond much better to a stern very demanding almost governess demeanor.

Reward for a job well done is the opportunity to please and although I have my favorite ways to please it is not really up to me. I am happy to comply with what works for you without drama, I am a male who can actually listen and simply obey. The goal is a clean home, wardrobe and linens and a happy smiling women. Being a simple fairly intelligent male I will attentively do my best to get things done on your terms.

Take a moment and consider employing me. The rate is really quite cheap and I will be little trouble as I am happy to serve wearing not much more than a smile.

This offer is only available to mature women who and are not looking for, nor currently have any drama in their life in the North Seattle Washington area.

Decadent 1

The ideal woman

Some men seek women that look like this

Not me,

The ideal women for me
looks a lot more like this

I just can't help myself.
I have a hard drive full
of pictures like these last ones
and none like the first two.

I am a pushover for a mature woman
Do not worry about what you look like
If you drink or smoke
or carry a few extra pounds of love

It is all about attitude.

If you are
Round, robust, randy and raunchy.

Say hello!

Such a Pretty Rose

She took her glasses off and began to clean them. For some reason this changed the dynamics of the entire room. I suddenly became very focused on her every move and gesture. When she put her glasses back on her smiling face she began to count slowly out loud and as she did I realized that I needed to remove my clothes, all of my clothes. A strange thought, but an unmistakable one, and so without much hesitation I began unbuttoning my shirt. I took it off and the other women in the room sighed and smiled at me. I had my shoes and socks off next and she continued to count slowly and assuredly. When she reached ten I knew somehow that I needed to finish soon so off came my pants and underwear. I folded everything neatly in a pile by the door and by the time she reached 25 I was completely naked in front of these smiling happy ladies. I stood with my legs spread and arms folded behind my head without any clothes on at all and I had no idea why. I had an intense erection and yet I felt no shame, it just felt natural to do this, but I was clueless as to why.

Then she touched a very pretty pin on her blouse, it was a rose. I stared at the pin, the beautiful rose pin and stood motionless unaware of anything else in the room until she snapped her fingers. The rose seemed to signify something to me, but I did not know what so I just payed close attention to her. When she snapped her fingers I knelt immediately. I am not sure why, again it just felt like the right thing to do. When I looked up each of the women had a pin on her blouse a very pretty rose pin and this meant something I was sure of it, but all I could do was kneel and look up at their smiling faces leering down at me. They seemed to want something, each of them had a desire in their eyes, each hungry for something different. I could see there was a favorite something they each wanted from me and because they were wearing the rose pin, the pretty rose pin, I knew that I could not refuse them anything. I was led to a back room and all I can remember of what happened after that was that one by one they came into that back room and each told me to do things that I could not refuse. They had me do depraved, naughty things, but I can not remember exactly what they each had me do. I only know that I might not have done these shameful things, but somehow it just felt right to do whatever I was told by someone wearing such a pretty rose pin.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Deaf Dumb and Blind

He was not stupid, but he was no genius either. The most erotic part of their game was his having once again been tricked into another degrading and depraved position. What had started as an innocent sensory deprivation game had digressed into another subversive example of just how low he would go.

Having been denied any sounds or sight for hours at this point he could barely remember willingly putting on the blind fold, hood and cuffs. All of his orifices plugged he was only allowed to relieve himself in a most humiliating way.

To make things more interesting a mysterious fluid was being steadily drip fed to him through the whole in the center of the penis gag and it tasted suspiciously like more than just warm salty water.

She had twisted his cock into a painful knot and it cycled between rock hard purple when he was able to somehow rub it on the scratchy indoor outdoor carpet of the back yard deck, or it became a soft, resolute, dripping wet prisoner when she turned him over on his back.

He had been left for a long time in the dark alone and with the inflated butt plug vibrating insistently and wedged inescapably into his fuzzy little bottom.
His head drifted through euphoria and hallucinations from the sensory deprivation, the endorphins and whatever was in the fluid drip. All of it had him complacent, slow witted, and unable to do much more than sweetly moan for her entertainment.

Helplessly he suckled on the warm salty, intoxicating ambrosia through the soft gag that filled his numb lips and mouth. He was again her amusing and adorable personal play toy, easily muted, not very clever and blinded by lust, deaf dumb and blind.